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Pursuing a new Career! Become an Esthetician!

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Classes and courses

When you enroll in By Claudia Esthetics Institute, we strive to prepare you to succeed in the beauty industry.

Public Services

Our students are fully prepared of providing you excellent service. Visit ByClaudia Esthetics Institute for affordable skin care services.


All our initiatives are guided by ethics, safety, high performance, continuous innovation, transparency, and focus on the student.

Safety, Sanitation, and Sterilization

This course will teach you how to protect clients and meet state requirements regarding the safety and sterilization of tools and your workspace.


We are committed to providing students with the proper education to obtain employment and succeed in the beauty industry.


Our main goal is to see professionals trained in our courses win the job market and achieve their dreams.

Do you wanna become an esthetician?

We prepare students to function as estheticians by teaching students not only the basics of esthetics but also the most advanced techniques in the student's selected career.